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Ashley W: My friends and I have become escape rooms addicts this year, and this is definitely a favorite! ...They do a great job of making the rooms challenging enough with different kinds of puzzles, while still being doable. They are also great at giving just the right amount and kinds of hints,so it helps without totally giving it away.  Whenever they make another room, we will absolutely be there!

Cece D: Well-designed room with variety of different puzzles. Clues had depth and storyline was not forced. When needed, hints were appropriately given to ensure an overall enjoyable experience! One of the best ones we've done in the US.

Sophia L:  I am recommending this Escape Room to all our friends!

Sharon B:  So much fun! Well worth the time and money! We had 6 people, 4 of whom are teenagers. Everyone was completely involved and engaged. As the adults in the group, we were very happy that all the teens had fun and felt useful. We loved that when one person couldn't figure out a clue, another jumped in and got the job done!   Thanks John and Lara, we'll be back!

Kari D:  The Room experience was wonderful and challenging. We solved the room in just over an hour! We loved the experience and no one was bored! Thank you so much Key to Escape for making our first escape room a success! Highly recommend trying this place out and we would love to try a different room sometime! Thank you again for making our Saturday evening a success!

Donna R: Lara and John were super helpful in setting up our experience and giving us a tour. We plan on coming back with members of our management team. Highly recommend for a teambuilding activity or just some fun with family and/or friends.

Kathryn M:  A couple of friends and I finished the House in the Woods room and only had 18 seconds left but we escaped! They knew just when to give the clues we needed. We have done other escape rooms before but this was one of the most fun and challenging ones we have done.

Greg M:  We had a great time!!  Will be back many times for sure!!

Carrie Z:  So amazing and fun! We were hooked immediately. We did our first room last night and had to come back today for another! So entertaining and worth every penny- and cheap for the entertainment you'll get. Love that a father and daughter can build such an amazing business together! So fun!

Alex K: If you are looking for something a bit different, give this place a shot- I'm pretty sure I could easily get addicted.

Jessy C: We went for my sister's birthday and had so much fun! It was challenging but not to the point of being frustrating. I'll definitely be back to try the other rooms!

Susan P:  Everyone had something to do all of the time and it ended with all four of us working together to get out!!!

Danielle B:  It was THE best experience we've had in a long while!

Jessy C:  We went for my sister's birthday and had so much fun! ...We all had a great time! 

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