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The Incident


Key To Escape Sub Room

This 90 Minute Adventure is designed to be played with 4 to 8 players. 

The adventure begins on December 31st, 1999, 10:30pm. Everyone is preparing to update their computer software in wake of the Y2K scare. Well, everyone except you. You received a message asking for help from Jasmine, an old friend. When you arrive in her apartment, you realize Jasmine’s years of conspiracy theorizing has paid off. She’s become privy to an alien attack on our technology. Luckily for you, and all of the human race, Jasmine has found a way to prevent the attack, however her and her software have vanished! Can you find and implement her software before midnight?

Difficulty Levels   Standard, other levels coming soon

Once 4 or more tickets are purchased, the remaining tickets will be removed from the website to insure a private booking.  If others would like to join your group after the initial set of tickets have been purchased, or for groups wishing to purchase tickets individually or groups less than 4 players, please call us at 603-809-4018

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Cuckoo's Nest

key to escape Cuckoo next




It's the late 1940's, and you've arrived at Nashua's Hospital for the Criminally Insane. You thought you were coming to consult with one of the psychiatrists, but things take a turn when you get locked in a padded cell instead of being taken to an interview room! You have one hour before the facility goes into lockdown, leaving you with no hope for escape. Are you sane enough to escape before it's too late?

Difficulty Levels   Beginner, Standard, Challenging

Due to room content, no one under 16 allowed to play this room

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Sunken Submarine Tour

Key To Escape Sub Room

You're visiting the newly retired USS George Washington. This submarine was the first of its kind, pioneering a technology so advanced it has yet to be re-created. Your visit takes a quick turn, as the submarine plunges into the river. The main hatch shuts, sealing out the water, but there's only an hour of oxygen in the emergency reserves. Luckily, the previous crew had planned for emergency situations like this, and left clues throughout the cabin as your key to escape.

Difficulty Levels: Standard, Challenging, Expert

Recommend minimum of 4 players

Do you have players under the age of 16 ? Call us to set up a private adventure (603) 809 4018 .

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House in the Woods 

Key To Escape House room



You're hiking down a wooded trail, when you stumble upon a candy covered cottage from an old fairy tale.  Once inside you and your friends decide to take a look around when you discover that  all doors are locked. You have one hour before the witch returns for dinner, and you become the main course.  Previous visitors have left hidden treasures throughout the house that may be your key to escape.

Difficulty Levels: Standard, Beginner, Kid Friendly


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